Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Valentine Boracay Trip

It took me almost two years before i was able to come out of seclusion.  Been busy setting up a small business which took most of my time.  To make the long story short, my wife saved me the agony of finding a valentines gift for her and booked us a trip to Boracay.  Not that i am overjoyed or something,  i guess it was the thought of getting a well deserved vacation (after 2 years mind you) that actually excites me (yes, i am surprised too).

There were many firsts on this trip.  My wife's first airplane ride,  our first flight together, first time to Boracay, among others.  You wouldn't  believe how many airplane photos she took and very proud of them.  

The flight from Manila to Kalibo was un-eventfully quiet compared to the bus ride to Caticlan.  Our  2 hour bus ride was filled with conversations about previous trips and future ones to be made.

Our trip to Boracay is one of mixed feelings.  The sights are great, the people are awesome (just try to avoid those hotel hawkers that troll the beach offering hotel membership in exchange for a free buffet meal).  The only downside is my expectation.  Instead of finding a place of peace to rest, i found a commercial center set on an awesome beach.  I should be glad you know, but its either i am too tired to party or i am just freakin too old.

Awesome Breakfast

We kinda figured out that if we intend to have a peaceful vacation we should explore the island and find the best spot.  Not my idea....and yes my wife managed to convince me to walk from station 1 to 3. Station 2-3 was definitely amusing.  I am so convinced that i am actually in MOA or Eastwood.  The beach has been eclipsed by commercial establishments that there are more people with out-stretched necks gawking at bargains than the white sand.  



Yes, my legs and my back ached for rest after that long walk.  Not to mention my face for making sure i have this smile fixed and not complain about it (just kidding).  Being the loving wife that she is, i finally got my reward.  1 hour of full body massage for  $8 care of manang elsie.  Not bad really.

Our last night on the island was capped by a romantic date in one of the local bars.  Food and Music was great (i am still trying to equate the relationship between acoustic music and reggae.  Specially when the band singer is actually trying to sing using a megaphone).  Still, it was as romantic as it gets.

So, was it a successful Valentines date?  Yes, one of the best.

Mental note:  Always stay in Station 1 for a peaceful vacation.