Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Potipot : Return to Zambales

Potipot (Zambales) was a pleasant surprise.  To be honest, i felt that i enjoyed Potipot more than Boracay.  The serene, quiet and unspoiled scenery did it for me.

We were blessed to get an awesome resort and a good spot on the island.  The view was breathtaking as the water is crisp and pure.  It was a total bliss just to lay on the sand and (get toasted) just take everything in.  It was marvelous.

Too bad we only have to spend 3 days, not to mention its a working vacation (if there is such a thing).  Expect a comeback.

I guess my iphone has a different perspective.

Awesome clear water.

I did have this crazy idea of going around the island.  Which i did.  Resulting to a series of photos involving a lot of driftwood and rock formation.  It was a mini-adventure.  By the time i returned to our cottage i was parched, sunburned (which i believe is my normal state) and very satisfied.

Definitely an Awesome Vacation.