Saturday, November 2, 2013

Laiya Revisited in Black & White

Its been awhile since i visited Laiya, Batangas.  I don't know.......4 years? Maybe more.  Like most places, this one fills me with memories.  Memories of family, friends, loved ones, funny, interesting, controversial and even the bad ones.

Like what i have expected, after visiting several other beaches, Laiya kinda lost its appeal. At least on  first glance:

As you can see.  Laiya is like your typical.....well not too typical beach.  I tried to look at Laiya in a different perspective:

Sometimes seeing things in black and white can give you a different perspective in life.  It helps you focus on what really matters and sometimes help you appreciate the complexities of life in its full color.  Perhaps you need to see things in black and white to help you appreciate life's color:

Albeit a bit gray....colors help shed light and lets you see things with a much different perspective.  I guess Laiya, Batangas still has something to show and to offer.  You just have to see Laiya in a different light to see its true colors.