Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Old dolls usually creeps me out.  Like a prop from a horror movie.  But these dolls has a certain elegance in it that you just can't help but stare.  Even if it creeps me out.

Hidden In Black & White

Seriously....some things are best seen in black & white.  Although the colors of this garden is really appealing.  Some things are best left in shadows and light.

Colors has the ability to hide true essence under the cover of various layers.  Black & white sees things as it is.  No matter how much you hide it, ironically, its true color will eventually show.

Some scenes from the old palace.  I guess nobody wins when they play politics.  What used to be a place of beauty has become desolate.  I guess it is really best to see it in black & white, as its true colors will show its true face.

Finds from the Hidden Garden

My recent visit to tagaytay yielded some interesting finds. I am so tempted to run them thorough photoshop or instagram, but i guess i am more of a fan of raw beauty than sheer artistry. So no editing as always.  Welcome to Sonya's Garden. 

Some images just look better up close.