Monday, May 6, 2013

Exploring Daraitan

The idea was to go to Talim Island for a long awaited men's fellowship.  After weeks of planning, we finally gave it a go.  Surprisingly, we got diverted from Binangonan to Daraitan, Tanay.  So i said, "no big deal". The talk about natural spring, cold river and some trekking is a welcome change for me.  Or thats what i think it was.........

 A few hours from Quezon City,  Daraitan was your typical Sierra Madre barangay. Awesome view of the mountain range with a refreshing river vista.  I don't mind the dust and dirt road at this time.  There is always car-wash anyway.

When we reached Daraitan, we left our vehicles in one of our church member's place and proceeded to trek down the river basin.  The walk down the mountain was very amusing in a sense that you are literally walking on raw marble.

Marble literally littered the river bed.  And i am not talking of your usual rock, i am talking boulders!

Been looking at beaches for a long time and to see fresh clear water flowing is literally a refreshing sight.  Eat your heart out MWSS.

So we finally hit camp, ate, swam and rested.  Then somebody had this brilliant idea of spelunking.  So why not? bad....

The rock formation is awesome to look at.  But to scale it to go to the cave?  You must be joking?  I am no mountaineer,  better yet a rock climber.  The last time i did this gig was back in junior high.  What was that again...."Four scores and seven years ago..." I must be crazy to sign up for this.....but  i did anyway....

Remember, we are supposed to go to a lake,  we ended up scaling rocks and mountain side.  We were not mentally and physically fit to do this.....yes .....stupid....rub it in.  Wait till you see the cave...

I wont bother telling you how deep, slippery, dark and dangerous the cave was.  All i know is i am doing all this and taking pictures at the same time.....crazy! 

I will be honest with you, when i saw the pool of water at the end (not really the end) of the cave, it was a refreshing sight (yes i can only see it because of a makeshift flash light).  Now, how do we go back?

So i handed the camera to our guide and decided that this time i need to use both my hands.  By the time i reached the opening of the cave with one of our guides, he whispered to me in an almost audible voice..."its my first time to come here"....what the??????? Good thing there was a real guide with us and we manage to go back to camp in one piece.

So what can i say?  THE PLACE IS AWESOME!!!!  I would definitely do it  again!  

Yes, i would still consider going back to Daraitan & Tinipak!  Crazy?  Who cares???