Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Island hopping trip - Anawangin Island

Island hopping trip - Camara Island

Island hopping trip - Capones Island

Pundaquit Trip

Our  trip to Pundaquit is more of an after-thought than a well planned adventure.  It’s actually my wife’s idea of R&R after a heart attack.  Initially we were planning to go to Cagbalete but she had an epiphany so we instead decided to go to Pundaquit .

The bus trip to Zambales was a bit un-eventful but quite productive.  I tried to categorize the songs in my mobile phone while my wife tries to do her’s.  With 500 songs to listen and categorize, i quit after the  2nd hour trying to decide if “Teach me how to dougie” is under hip hop or pop. Lol.

We arrived at San Antonio at exactly 7:30 am.  Took a tricycle and went straight to Pundaquit.  Going to Pundaquit from San Antonio is one hell of a ride.  The dirt road was totally bumpy but tolerable.  The numerous farms along the way proved to be a pleasant distraction going to the resort.  A good 15 minutes later we arrived at what looks to me as the back entrance of the resort.  Believe you me the side street going there has a lot of seemingly un-occupied houses (as it turns out they were un-occupied cottages) that badly need some up-keep.

Canoe resort was a pleasant surprise.  Its simple, but caters to meet the basic creature comforts.  I believe the selling point here is the service.  They're fast, efficient and they always smile....sincerely...which i believe makes the difference.

While i was busy being the shutter bug that i am, my wife was able to make arrangements with the local staff (Mang Juan) for the island hopping trip and to Pundaquit falls.  Mang Juan proved to be a very hospitable and friendly tour guide.  As we traverse our way to Pundaquit falls, we have seen a lot of awesome places that you will find very be continued.

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